What is SimeonOnSecurity?

     SimeonOnSecurity (SOS) is a leading source of information in the realm of security and automation. Our goal is to provide unique and insightful technical content to our readers that goes beyond the surface level information typically found online. This blog serves as a showcase of our expertise and passion for the industry, offering a comprehensive view of the inner workings of this dynamic field.

Who is Simeon?

     Simeon is a highly skilled Systems Administrator with a passion for Cybersecurity and Privacy. By day, he brings extensive technical knowledge and experience to his role. By night, he indulges in his hobbies as a tinkerer, hobbyist, and self-proclaimed geek and nerd. With a history of technical expertise dating back to his early years, Simeon got his start at the age of 12 troubleshooting and fixing issues on a laptop that couldn't even run Windows XP stably. Today, he maintains a state-of-the-art data-center and lab at home, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to the field and offering computing and storage capabilities that rival those of many small businesses.