Table of Contents

Note: The only daily-driver browser I recommend is FireFox. Alternatively you should be using the TOR Browser. Do not install plugins in the TOR browser.

  1. U-Block Origin - Prefered - A great Open-Source AD blocker.
  2. HTTPS Everywhere - Prefered - Forces your browser to load sites over HTTPS rather than HTTP
  3. Decentraleyes - Local CDN Emulator
  4. ClearURLs - Dynamically removes tracking tags from links
  5. CanvasBlocker - Prevents JavaScript Fingerprinting
  6. Multi Account Containers - Allows for isolated brower sessions
  7. Terms of Service, Didn’t Read - Informs user of shady ToS
  8. Bitwarden - Secure Open-Source Cloud Password Manager
  9. Privacy Badger - Learns and blocks trackers