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SimeonOnSecurity recommends top Cyber and IT certifications for those looking to enter the job force. The list includes certifications from CompTIA, Cisco, EC-Council, ISC^2, Juniper, Microsoft, and Offensive Security, with different levels of expertise - Entry, Associate, Professional, and Expert. All certifications listed are directly related to positions in Cyber and will greatly benefit the candidate. Check out the interactive certification roadmap for a visual representation. Learning resources such as books and training are also available. There are many Cyber and IT related certifications out there, but most are argueably a waste of time over others. Some will enable you to land a job, while others wont. This list consists of the certifications that SimeonOnSecurity recommends for those seeking to enter the IT and CyberSecurity job force.


  • This should apply everywhere in the US, but outside the US these are likely to change.
  • There may be other certs out there that are worth in a specific category that aren’t listed here, but the ones here are listed over others because they have the widest recognition.
  • While the certifications listed here are a mix of Networking, Windows, Linux, Hacking, and Management certifications, all of these are directly related to positions in Cyber and will greatly benefit you to have them.

Learning Resources:


Paul Jerimy has built an interactive certification roadmap you can check out here.


Entry Level:

Note: These certifications are for entry-level professionals. They are the baseline of a good IT/Cyber skill set. You should be very familiar with all the information required to get these certs at every level.

Associate Level:

Note: Typically, you only need one of these certifications. Multiple are still useful and valueable.

Professional Level:

Note: This is where you should strive to be at the very least. These certs are pretty great to have.

Expert Level:

Note: These are expert certifications. These set you out from the crowd and set you up to potentially become a subject matter expert (SME). This is where the real money is at.

Notable Mentions: