Table of Contents

General Information Technology:

  • Cybrary - A great, mostly free, cyber and IT learning resource.
  • LinkedIn Learning - a general learning platform. (Check with your school, they might offer free membership)
  • Pluralsight - Preferred a general learning platform with High Quality video content. (Check with your school, they might offer a free membership.
  • Udemy - a general learning platform.

Cyber Security:

  • CyberWarfare (Red and Purple-Team Labs and Certifications)
  • HackTheBox - Black-Box CTF Challenges (Has paid membership)
  • INE - Free, and Paid, High Quality Cyber Security labs and training
  • Immersive Labs - Free Cyber Security Labs (Free for active students)(Has paid offerings)
  • Mosse Cyber Security Institute - Free Cyber Security Labs (Has paid offerings)
  • PenTesterLab - Hands on Pentesting Labs (Has paid offerings)
  • TryHackMe - Guided CTF challenges. (Has paid membership)


  • Cisco - Learn Cisco for free! (Some Paid)
  • Juniper - Learn Juniper for free. Complete the course to earn a free certification test voucher!

Operating Systems:

  • Microsoft - Learn Windows, Server, Azure, and more for free!
  • VMWare - Learn VMware ESXi, Horizon, and Cloud Technologies for free!
  • RedHat - Training on RHEL Systems, Servers, and Ansible

Programming and Scripting:

  • - Free coding cources and project ideas!
  • CodeAcademy - Learn Python, C#, C++, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and more for free!
  • Python Institute - Free Entry-Level Python courses.