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Introduction to Ansible: Automating IT Infrastructure Management

Learn the basics of Ansible, an open-source automation tool that simplifies IT infrastructure management through a declarative language.
A cartoon character sitting at a desk, surrounded by servers and cables, with Ansible's logo on the computer screen, smiling as tasks are automated.
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Protect Windows from Speculative Execution Side-Channel Attacks

Learn how to safeguard your Windows system against speculative execution side-channel attacks with Microsoft’s mitigation script and firmware updates
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Recommended Anti-Virus

This article provides a list of recommended anti-virus products for home and business use, as ranked by SimeonOnSecurity. The rankings are based on professional opinion and testing against malicious samples, and only cover anti-virus capabilities, detection, user experience, and performance. Windows users can choose from both paid and free options, while Linux and MacOS users have limited options, with paid options only available for Linux. Note that AV is not required on Linux or MacOS and using any VPN or password manager provided with the AV suite is not recommended. The article also provides recommendations for VPN providers. Business use recommendations are currently being worked on.
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