Maximize Hybrid Cloud Efficiency: Unlocking Ansible’s Full Potential

Discover how Ansible’s automation capabilities can streamline, secure, and optimize hybrid cloud environments for improved productivity.
A vibrant 3D animated illustration of a cloud with gears inside, representing a hybrid cloud environment, showcasing the efficient and automated management of the cloud infrastructure.
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Secure & Resilient VPN Setup for Corporate Remote Workforces

Discover how to set up a secure and resilient VPN for your corporate remote employees, ensuring safe access to company resources.
A 3D animated image depicting a secure tunnel connecting a remote worker's laptop to a company building, symbolizing the VPN connection. A shield icon hovers above the tunnel, representing security and resilience.
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Unraid vs TrueNas: Which NAS Operating System is Right for You?

A comprehensive comparison of Unraid and TrueNas, including their user-friendliness, features, documentation, and community, to help users make an informed decision on which NAS operating system is best for their needs.
Two servers facing each other, one blue, one green. On the blue side a person stands wearing a hardhat and safety vest. On the green side a person sitting on the couch.
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Why Your Business Should Upgrade to Windows Server 2022

Discover the improved security features, management and automation capabilities, and performance and scalability of Windows Server 2022, making it the best choice for businesses looking to upgrade from Windows Server 2019.
An image of a server room with rows of servers running Windows Server 2022. The servers should be neatly arranged and well-lit, suggesting a well-maintained and efficient IT infrastructure.
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Recommended Anti-Virus

This article provides a list of recommended anti-virus products for home and business use, as ranked by SimeonOnSecurity. The rankings are based on professional opinion and testing against malicious samples, and only cover anti-virus capabilities, detection, user experience, and performance. Windows users can choose from both paid and free options, while Linux and MacOS users have limited options, with paid options only available for Linux. Note that AV is not required on Linux or MacOS and using any VPN or password manager provided with the AV suite is not recommended. The article also provides recommendations for VPN providers. Business use recommendations are currently being worked on.
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SimeonOnSecurity’s CTF Rankings Log

Stay up-to-date with the latest rankings in the world of CTFs and challenges with SimeonOnSecurity’s CTF Rankings Log
A cartoon trophy with a 1st place ribbon surrounded by computer screens and cybersecurity symbols like a padlock, shield, and lock and key symbols.
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