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Awesome Security:



Awesome Selfhosted:


  • An interesting HomeLab setup making home services really eazy to set up. I’m not a fan of self-hosting. But something like this makes for an eazy set up for lightly-technical users. I might recommend this to some people. I don’t personally wish to use something like it. All-in-one packages are generally harder to lock-down and secure.


  • Similar to HomeLabOS (above), provides a simplified way to deploy self-hosted services and has some future potential. HomelabOS seems to have better support.


  • FreedomBox is a private server for non-experts: it lets you install and configure server applications with only a few clicks. It runs on cheap hardware of your choice, uses your internet connection and power, and is under your control.
  • Similar to both HomeLabOS and DockSTARTer, FreedomBox is a solution to self-host privacy-oriented services rapidly.